1. the Grand of Ma 

  2. Romantically Involved

  3. They say it goes by in a flash. That time moves fast and with the blink of an eye its all gone by. I say its a matter of how we dance, how we see and how we come to be. I say its always all around us and so there for its never passed. 

  4. Welcome to California

  5. It begins with a moment. A flash. A feeling. You dance the dance of romance. Entrapped in a trance. Tiny cells become whole, and within the body you’ve grown and known your whole life, begins a new one… At once a mystery that squirmed inside me, now the body of my daughter whom I watch grow in front of my eyes every day. I thank thee simple cells, for your ferocious complexity. 

  6. Over 10,000 views on you tube, which is big for me! It ain’t no Miley Cyrus but….. its a hell of a lot better. Love <3

  7. I pray for you. A collective letting go, an acceptance of the present and the ability to see it as a gift. These moments that can shatter us and break us build and strengthen us to continue these cycles of life. There is only onward and onward is the only way we can go, the only place to create from. Evolution begins with our heart and from there the world can blossom. This is the lesson, the world I see for you. Evolve into Love and let the rest go.


    Polaroid from 2011 / Sunny in Big Sur

  8. No Matter Where You Go There You Are ” Irreplaceably Blue Irreplaceably You “ 

  9. No Matter Where You Go There You Are  ”Sway your Way towards Me in the Lonely of the Night” 

  10. "And then the day came when the pain to remain closed tight in a bud became more than the pain it took to blossom." ~Anais Nin

  11. from “No Matter Where You Go There You Are” - featuring Jena Malone and Bethany McCarty 

  12. "No Matter Where You Go There You Are" " The Perpetual State of Awaiting Your Foreign Affairs "

  13. "No Matter Where You Go There You Are" " Within Me Without Me You Are Me "

  14. "No Matter Where You Go There You Are" " I Weep when I Sleep I Dream when I Weep "

  15. Earth Angel // SO IN LOVE with MY BABY GIRL //